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Erin is a Sector Lead based in the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) delivering biosecurity and bushfire resilience programs on behalf of the ALA. As the Biosecurity Sector Lead, Erin is developing a program to implement changes in data pipelines, operations and management processes to grow ALA's investment in biosecurity. Erin is also managing the ALA's citizen science program and recently completed a project funded by the Australian Government’s Bushfire Recovery Program for Wildlife and their Habitats, to collaborative with Universities, NGOs, research institutions and the broader community to develop programs that can assist in post disaster recovery.

Previously Erin was in the Partnerships Team in Global working to grow and foster partnerships with Microsoft Australia and the National Research Council of Science and Technology (Korea).

Prior to joining CSIRO, Erin worked at the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage where she led a multidisciplinary team of staff working across science communication, citizen science, research partnerships and priority knowledge acquisition.

Erin has also worked in climate change adaptation, including as a postdoc at Macquarie University, working on a NCCARF funded project on naturalised weed species. Her background is in terrestrial ecology, with a PhD looking at how wildlife populations are impacted by roads and how this impact varies with scale.