Dr Mark Thomas

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Dr Mark Thomas has >25 years of experience in land resource assessment in Australia and overseas. He brings to bear critical technologies, knowledge and experience in soil and landscape sciences to questions addressing sustainable land management and the environment, generally applied to the farming sector. He has a strong background in field peodology, which gives him the first-hand experience to decipher processes taking place in landscapes, and to understand how these influence patterns of soils and their properties. Mark can draw on experience in terrain analysis and geophysics to assist this landscape understanding. In more recent years Mark has brought these skills to projects involving land condition monitoring, soil salinity, acid sulfate soils, and soil water characterisation in dryland farming systems. He also has a track record in soil mapping using the latest computer-based predictive methods for land resource assessments in northern Australia and overseas.

Current Roles

  • Land Resource Assessment; Northern Australia Water Resource Assessment
    Digital land resource assessment methods, land evaluation, leading publication

  • Land Resource Assessement; Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Myanmar
    Digital soil mapping, land evaluation, soil survey, field protocols, in-country partner training

  • Soil scientist, Grains Research and Development
    Quantiative and qualitative links between landscapes and dryland cropping soil moisture

Academic Qualifications

  • 2007

    University of Adelaide, Australia

  • 1989

    MSc, Land and Water Managment (Range management)
    Silsoe College, Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK

  • 1988

    BSc (Hons), Environmental Sciences (Chemistry)
    Plymouth Polytechnic, UK

Professional Experiences

  • 2008-present

    Experimental Scientist
    CSIRO, Australia

  • 2004-2008

    PhD candiate
    Department for Water Land and Biodiversity, SA, Australia

  • 1998-2004

    Land resource officer
    Department for Water Land and Biodiversity, SA, Australia

  • 1994-1998

    Remote sensing specialist
    CSIR, South Africa

  • 1990-1994

    Remote sensing specialist
    Earth Observation Sciences, Ltd, UK

  • 1989-1990

    Soil surveyor, Kenya
    Booker Tate Ltd, UK