Dr Ingrid van Putten

Research Scientist

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I am a research scientist with the ecosystems modelling team at the CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere, in Hobart, Australia.  I am also a member of the IMBER Scientific Steering Committee and Human Dimensions Working Groups. My research focuses on social and economic behaviour of marine resource users and their interactions with the biophysical marine environment. I use different modelling tools and approaches (e.g. Bayesian and network analysis) to represent resource user behaviour and interactions at the appropriate level of complexity.   Overall, my main aim is to improve management of coupled social-ecological systems and ensure their long term viability. 

Recent publications (2014/15/16):

Weijerman, M. Grace-McCaskey, C., Grafeld, S.L., Kotowicz, D.M, Oleson, K.L.L., van Putten, E.I. (2016) Towards an ecosystem-based approach of Guam’s coral reefs: The human dimension, Marine Policy, 63, 8-17.

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