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Dr Jonathan Anderson's research interests are in:

• Canola pre-breeding for improved disease resistance and agronomic traits.
• Exploring novel biology based fungicide technologies
• Biological control of crop diseases through natural soil microbes or endophytes and the metabolites they produce.
• Research to improve the management of soilborne diseases and pre-breeding for improved crop resistance.
• Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying plant defence against microbial pathogens and the application of this knowledge to improve crop resistance.


Dr Anderson received his Doctorate from The University of Queensland, Australia, working on regulatory genes controlling the responses of the model plant Arabidopsis to fungal pathogens.

He moved to CSIRO Plant Industry in Perth, Western Australia, in 2003 where he took on a focus on legume-microbe interactions.

In 2010 Dr Anderson took up a joint appointment between CSIRO Plant Industry and the University of Western Australia's (UWA) Institute of Agriculture located in the purpose built CSIRO-UWA Molecular Plant Pathology and Crop Genomics laboratory. Now employed by CSIRO Agriculture and Food, Dr Anderson currently holds an Adjunct Associate Professor position with The UWA Institute of Agriculture.


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