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Mr Stuart Arnold

Team Leader


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Stuart has been involved in a broad range of research projects related to improving the sustainability and productivity of aquaculture. Early in his career at CSIRO he worked on the development of intensive nursery systems for juvenile tiger prawns, with an application for aquaculture and also enhancing wild stocks. He worked directly with industry on the domestication of tiger prawns, with a specific focus on reproduction. Stuart was then involved with the Nutrition team to improve the production of a microbial biomass product and transfer this technology to industry. Within this team he led projects on feed management and amino acid replacement.
Recently, Stuart’s research has focused on improving the productivity of the growout system via automated monitoring of the culture environment and intensification. Stuart currently leads a project on the intensive production of shrimp in Vietnam and is involved in a collaborative Digiscape project on precision aquaculture.

Other Interests

Precision Aquaculture
Algal monitoring
Aquaculture waste management

Current Roles

  • Project Leader
    Viet-Uc High Intensity Production of P. vannamei

  • Team Leader
    Aquaculture Production Systems


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