Dr Robert Barlow

Team Leader

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Robert is a Team Leader in the Food Safety & Stability group within CSIRO Agriculture & Food. Robert has 20 years’ experience conducting research projects for Meat and Livestock Australia and Australian Meat Processor Corporation investigating significant food safety issues (e.g pathogenic E. coli and antimicrobial resistance) that the Australian red meat industry address in order to deliver safe and trusted products into global markets. His current research efforts primarily focus on understanding the relationship between bovine and human STEC, particularly non-O157 STEC of regulatory importance and the improvement of STEC detection and confirmation test systems for use by the Australian beef industry. Most recently the Food Safety & Stability group have begun to use metagenomics to explore the pathways of STEC through the beef supply chain with a view that the outcomes will lead to enhanced opportunities for the control of STEC.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2008

    Doctor of Philosophy - Microbiology
    University of Queensland

  • 1997

    Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences
    James Cook University


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