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Dr Tirthankar Bandyopadhyay

Research Theme Lead: Robot-World Interaction, CPS-RASG


I love working towards solving the mobility challenges for robots in cluttered, dynamic and complex 3-D environments. I have previously worked on and am currently working on addressing the mobility challenges for:
* field mobile manipulation for physical interaction with deformable environments (vegetation, soil, etc),
* magnetic foot climbing robots for industrial and confined space inspection (Magneto project),
* heritage monitoring using modular field robots in Peel Island (off the coast of Brisbane, Australia)
* a 30-DoF legged robot capable of deforming its body configuration to traverse narrow passage in confined spaces,
* autonomous kayaks for environmental monitoring in choppy and busy Singapore Harbour,
* mobility-on-demand service with autonomous vehicles in busy and crowded Singapore roads,
* remote operations with autonomous vehicles for an O&G plant in Australia,
* people following with service robots in crowded canteen environments in NUS campus.

Current Roles

  • (2022- present) Research Theme Lead (CPS): Robot World Interaction
    I coordinate and facilitate activities within CPS-Robotics Group on research and projects on physical interaction with arms on a mobile robot.

  • (2015 - 2022) Cluster leader for inspection robotics
    Engaging with industry to provide input on current robotics capabilities and develop a project portfolio for the RASG.

  • (2015 - 2020) Research lead for modular robotics
    Leading a group of students on development on field deployable modular mobility modules, eg NeWheel

  • (2015 - 2020) Research and Project lead for climbing robots
    Developing science and engaging with industry in commercialising Magneto platform for infrastructure inspection

  • (July 2018 - Dec 2019) Project leader for Woodside AGV engagement
    Development of autonomous vehicle capability for mapping and inspection of O&G plants.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2015

    Complexity Summer School (20% Acceptance Rate)
    Santa Fe Institute, USA

  • 2010

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    National University of Singapore, Singapore

  • 2001

    Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

Professional Experiences

  • 2019-present

    Senior Research Scientist

  • 2013-2019

    Research Scientist

  • 2013-2013

    Research Scientist
    Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology

  • 2001-2003

    Software Engineer
    DELMIA Robotics Pvt. Ltd

  • 2010-2012

    Post Doc Scholar (Future Urban Mobility)
    Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology

  • 2008-2010

    Post Doc Scholar (Center for Environmental Sensing and Monitoring)
    Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology


  • 2018-2019

    CSIRO-Woodside Autonomous Ground Robot Demonstration

  • 2015-2015

    Scholarship to CSIRO Complex Systems Science Sumer School

  • 2014-2014

    Australian Submarine Corporation scoping project

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • 2022-2023

    Area Chair for Robotics Science and Systems (RSS)

  • 2019-present

    Associate Editor for IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters

  • 2020-present

    General Secretary of Australasian Association for Robotics and Automation

  • 2017-present

    Moderator for Australian-NZ robotics mailing list

  • 2019-2020

    General Chair for Australasian Robotics and Automation Association

  • 2019-2019

    Program Committee Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems

  • 2015-2016

    Associate Editor IEEE International Conference for Robotics and Automation

  • 2016-2016

    Program Committee Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation

  • 2008-present

    Reviewer of numerous papers for IJRR, ICRA, IROS, SIMPAR, RAL, Autonomous Systems, ISRR etc