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Mr John Clarke

Pronouns: he,him,his

Team Leader Regional Projections


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John leads the Regional Projections Team within the CSIRO Climate Science Centre where has worked since 2009. He brings a range of experience from previous roles in the Australian media and biodiversity conservation sectors and has over 30 years’ experience undertaking, interpreting, applying and communicating science nationally and internationally. His expertise lies in developing applicable, fit-for-purpose, scientifically robust climate projections and assisting users understand, and make appropriate use of them.

John recently co-lead the Australian State of the Climate 2022 project, a collaboration between CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology. This high impact report, released every two years, synthesises the latest science on observed and projected trends in atmospheric and ocean climate and extremes. He also lead the Victorian Climate Projections 2019 project which released a new suite of high-resolution modelling and supporting guidance materials in late 2019. This was followed by three years of expert support for users of the projections. John is also a contributor to the NESP Climate Systems Hub, focussing on the usability and applicability of climate projections. Other recent projects include the enhancement and maintenance of the Climate Change in Australia website and the provision of Projections Products and Services for climate change vulnerability, impacts and adaptation. Previously, John led several high profile projects providing outreach and developing web-tools for delivery of climate projections information and data for Australia and developing island nations of the Pacific.

He has worked extensively in Australia and the Pacific, developing and delivering training materials to build climate change literacy and impact assessment capability. His breadth of experience has provided deep insights into both climate science and on-ground applications. His skills include: assessing the climate information needs of impacts and adaptation projects; developing fit-for-purpose climate projections datasets; assessing impacts on threatened species; design and analysis of research; interpretation of research findings into management actions; development and delivery of educational programmes; science communication; and development of decision support systems. John has many years’ experience giving presentations, media interviews and has written and contributed to a range of reports and peer-reviewed publications. He has also authored scientific reports for the private sector.

John has published on methods for applying climate change projections in impact assessments, climate change and threatened species, and is a co-author of the 2015 CSIRO/BoM climate change projections for Australia.

Current Roles

  • Project Leader
    Victorian Climate Projections 2019 Phase 3