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Dr Carl Gosper

Joint Appointment (With Dept. Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions)


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Carl Gosper is a research scientist in a position jointly supported by the WA Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, and CSIRO Land and Water. Dr Gosper's current research interests include fire ecology, fire adaptions, plant-animal interactions and invasive species. Specific areas of fire ecology research include understanding changes in the composition, structure and biomass of plant and animal communities with time since fire, patterns of fire across time and space and the evolution and function of plant fire response traits. This research has been conducted primarily in dry to semi-arid Mediterranean-climate landscapes in the Western Australian wheatbelt and Great Western Woodlands.

For a full list of Carl's publications, please see his profiles at ResearcherID, Google Scholar or ORCID (shown below).

Five selected publications:
Gosper, C.R., Prober, S.M. and Yates, C.J. (2013) Estimating fire interval bounds using vital attributes: implications of uncertainty and among-population variability. Ecological Applications 23, 924-935.
Gosper, C.R., Yates, C.J. and Prober, S.M. (2013) Floristic diversity in fire-sensitive eucalypt woodlands shows a ‘U’-shaped relationship with time since fire. Journal of Applied Ecology 50, 1187-1196.
Gosper, C.R., Pettit, M.J., Andersen, A.N., Yates, C.J. and Prober, S.P. (2015) Multi-century dynamics of ant communities following fire in Mediterranean-climate woodlands: are changes congruent with vegetation succession? Forest Ecology and Management 342, 30-38.
Gosper, C.R., Prober, S.M., Yates, C.J. and Scott, J.K. (2015) Combining asset- and species-led alien plant management priorities in the world’s most intact Mediterranean-climate landscape. Biodiversity and Conservation 24, 2789-2807.
Yates, C.J., Gosper, C.R., Hopper, S.D., Keith, D.A., Prober, S.M. and Tozer M.G. (2017) Mallee woodlands and shrublands: the mallee, muruk/muert and maalok vegetation of southern Australia. Pp. 570-598 in Australian Vegetation 3rd edition (ed. D.A. Keith). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Current Roles

  • Research Scientist
    Fire regimes and impacts in transitional woodlands and shrublands

  • Research Scientist
    Fire, fragmentation, weeds and the conservation of plant biodiversity in wheatbelt Nature Reserves

Academic Qualifications

  • 2004

    University of Wollongong

  • 1994

    B. Natural Resources (Hons)
    University of New England

Professional Experiences

  • 2007-present

    Research Scientist
    DBCA and CSIRO

  • 2003-2006

    Post-doctoral fellow
    CRC for Australian Weed Management

  • 2000-2003

    Biodiversity Survey Coordinator
    NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

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