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Dr Mei Gao is a Principal Research Scientist and Team Leader for the Printable Photovoltaics Team at the CSIRO. Dr Gao’s research interests cover several fields, including small molecule and polymer synthesis, surface modification, design and fabrication of high sensitivity biosensors based on aligned carbon nanotube arrays and other nanomaterials. Her current focus is on innovative design/fabrication/evaluation of organic solar cells and hybrid perovskite solar cells for large scale roll-to-roll printing.
From 2007 to 2010, Dr Gao worked on the Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC) CRC project as a Chief Researcher, where she developed the methodology and techniques for fabrication of higher efficiency DSSC. Since 2011, Dr Gao has been working on polymer (VICOSC project) and perovskite solar cell (ARENA/ACAP) aspects to lead, design, supervise, screen, characterize and fabricate thin film solar cells for achieving facile, solution processible, reproducible and printable high-performance devices. She has been invited to give many oral seminars, workshop and conference presentations, and has been on the organising committee of national and international conferences.

To-date, Dr Gao has co-supervised many PhD students from local and international universities, visiting scholars, overseas master students and interns to facilitate their career development.