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Dr Tim Hughes

Research Team Leader


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Dr Timothy (Tim) Hughes’s work focuses on the design and synthesis of new polymeric materials for designed for specific biomedical applications

Dr Timothy Hughes is a Principal Research Scientist and Research Team Leader at CSIRO Manufacturing Flagship, Australia. Dr Hughes began working at CSIRO in 1991 as an organic chemist working on the development of new crop protection chemicals. While at CSIRO, he undertook further studies and completed his PhD in synthetic organic chemistry at Monash University in 1997. Following his PhD studies, Dr Hughes was a Post Doctorial Fellow developing new implant materials for ophthalmic applications.

Dr Hughes’s expertise is in the field of polymeric biomaterials (hydrogels, fluoropolymers, polysiloxanes), regenerative medicine and medical devices, including synthetic and bio-based polymers, nanomaterial hybrids, and various self assembly systems. He has successfully led a series of commercially focused industrial projects as well a number of student projects covering a wide range of areas including implantable contact lenses, accommodation intraocular lenses, surgical/tissue adhesives, glaucoma drainage devices, drug delivery systems, cell therapies (cell encapsulation devices), medical imaging contrast agents to deliver scientific impacts and commercial outcomes. In addition to the material development work, Dr Hughes developed Quality Systems for the production of ophthalmic materials and led the ‘pseudo’ GMP production of implants for a successful phase 1 clinical study. He has published over 45 journal papers, and co-inventor on 16 patents. He has been co-awarded several awards including 2004 Royal Society Award for Interdisciplinary Research (Eureka Award) and 2009, 2012 CSIRO Medals for Research Achievement.

Academic Qualifications

  • 1990

    Bachelor of Science with Honours
    Monash University

  • 1997

    Doctor of Philosophy
    Monash University