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Dr Emma Jakku

Research Scientist


Dr Emma Jakku applies her expertise in the sociology of science and technology to help improve understanding of technology development, implementation and adoption processes. Her current research examines the social and institutional context of digital transformation in Australian agriculture. Emma is leading the Social Dimensions project within CSIRO’s Digiscape Future Science Platform, a programme of research and development that seeks to create next generation tools that deliver the benefits of the digital revolution for Australian farmers and land managers. The Digiscape Social Dimensions project aims to make informed assessments of the trade-offs between the risks and benefits of new decision tools, by taking into account the broader social and institutional context of land-sector decision-makers, including their information and advice networks and how these networks may change due to digital transformation.

Her past research has focused on:
* researcher and stakeholder interactions in the participatory development of agricultural decision support systems;
* women's participation in sustainability initiatives in the Australian sugarcane industry; and
* transformational responses to climate change adaption in Australian agricultural industries.

Before joining CSIRO in 2003, Emma was lecturer and co-convenor of the course ‘Social Dimensions of Land Management’, in the Australian School of Environmental Studies, Griffith University.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2003

    Doctor of Philosophy
    Australian School of Environmental Studies, Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia).

  • 1998

    Bachelor of Social Science (First Class Honours)
    School of Psychology and Sociology, James Cook University (Townsville, Australia)