Mr Erin Kenna

Coastal Data Manager

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Erin Kenna is a spatial scientist and data manager with the Coastal Sensing, Modelling and Informatics Group, part of the Coastal Management and Development Program in Oceans and Atmosphere. He joined CSIRO in 2016 after 12 years’ working with environmental and spatial data for Queensland State government and the private sector. Erin is responsible for data management, spatial analysis, data analysis and client engagement across multiple projects. Prior to joining CSIRO Erin worked on programs assessing biodiversity and developing data and assessment frameworks to integrate environmental science into products for management, spatial planning and policy purposes.

Science/Professional Areas

  • Advanced GIS and spatial information skills including experience in developing data workflows.
  • Spatial metadata production and management conforming to international standards and formats.
  • Data collation, project development and workshop coordination to support spatial planning in marine and terrestrial environments.
  • Integration of environmental science and spatial analysis for management and planning purposes.
  • Commercial and open source geospatial databases and tools including the ESRI suite, PostgreSQL database, SQL Server, File geodatabase, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoNetwork and related tools.
  • Python, R, TSQL and VBA programming skills and database design and development.

Current Roles

  • Coastal Data Manager
    Coordinating the storage and attribution of field and lab data for various projects

  • SIMA Data Coordinator
    Taking a lead role in acquiring and supply data for different components of the project and developing data components to support models and dashboards.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2005

    Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science and Geography)
    James Cook University