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Dr Peter Kambouris

Director - BD&C Health And Biosecurity


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GPO BOX 2583


Dr Kambouris rejoined CSIRO in 2006 as BD&C manager and has led the development of high value engagements focused on information driven competitiveness, across the healthcare, biosecurity, mining and manufacturing sectors, with his current role as CSIRO Health Biosecurity Business Development and Commercialisation Director, highlighting the importance of collaboration between science and business to building sustaining pathways for growing CSIRO research investment and its Return on Mission (RoM).

In partnership the Health Biosecurity Leadership team, Peter established an underlying growth initiative, “Fit for Growth”, affording 10% per annual growth for Health Biosecurity through new business in global markets, extending relationships with established customers and business improvements.

Peter rejoined CSIRO in 2006 as BD manager for Exploration and Mining, prior to being recruited into the role of BD for ICT Centre in 2009. As a senior member of the ICT Centre and the DPAS Flagship BD team, Peter led the development of high value engagements for the AS Lab (for example – Zebedee including CSIRO Medal and Eureka Award) and the Health Service Theme (for example - NBN Telehealth Pilots).

Peter was then appointed as the Agile Manufacturing Technologies theme leader in 2013, from which have emerged two key lines of business for CSIRO
1) Network Enabled Manufacturing Technologies / Industry 4.0 platform underpinning the new line of data driven business with Boeing, and
2) with Sarah King, introduced the Lean Launch Pad into CSIRO, which is pivoted to become ON Prime and ON Launch Pad.

Prior to re-joining CSIRO, Peter was Future Materials QLD State Manager (2003 - 2005) and Anteo Diagnostics Pty Ltd (Biolayer) Head of Applications (2000 – 2002) and previously was a Senior Research Scientist and Project Leader at CSIRO Molecular Science as part of the international collaboration with CibaVision resulting in the first extended wear contact lens.

Peter has over 20 years of experience in strategic and applied research across key economic sectors and brings to this role a fresh lens gained through his direct experience in the transfer of research inspired innovations into the mining, manufacturing, health and pharmaceutical sectors. His efforts in innovation have also been recognized through the awarding of the 2013 Eureka Innovation prize as part of the 3D Mobile Mapping Technology team. He has a set of competencies that not only can withstand but anticipate future innovation requirements.

Dr Kambouris holds a Masters of Technology and Innovation Management, with Deans Honours, from The University of Queensland. He is also a adjunct professor at The University of Queensland Business School and lectures in New Product and Services Development.

“While knowledge development in the digital sector creates value, it is through the commercialisation of research innovations into new processes and products that society will see direct benefit and nations will see a return on their investments.”

"Healthcare innovations are delivered at the speed of Life"

Other Interests

Business Model Identification;
Innovation Impact Pathways;
Agile Solutions Development;
Customer Discovery and Validation;
Strategic Solution Sales;
Strategic Solutions Marketing;

Current Roles

  • Director - BDC
    Health and Biosecurity

  • Director - BDC
    Digital Productivity Flagship

  • Research Director
    Agile Manufacturing Technologies

  • Director BDC
    Exploration and Mining

Achievements and Awards

  • 2014

    Science Excellence Medal

  • 2013

    Eureka Innovation Award
    Australian Museum

  • 2013

    iAWARD for R&D

  • 2006

    Deans' Honours
    The University of Queensland


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