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Dr Peter Kambouris

Enterprise Manager – National Venture Studio / Commercialisation Lead – Digital, National Facilities and Collections (DNFC) Sector


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Dr. Peter A. Kambouris is a seasoned innovator with over two decades of experience catalyzing research investments into global innovation solutions for communities, businesses, and industries. Holding a Ph.D. in Astrochemistry/Organic Chemistry from the University of Queensland, Peter's journey includes postdoctoral research stints at esteemed institutions like the University of Strathclyde and the University of Melbourne, solidifying his extensive knowledge and expertise in scientific research.

Driven by a passion for bridging the gap between science and business, Peter transitioned to the biotechnology industry in 2000. His commitment to excellence is evident in his Master of Technology and Innovation Management with Deans Honours from the University of Queensland, equipping him with the skills to establish new companies and accelerate established entities through effective business engagement and technology transfer.

Peter's outstanding contributions to innovation have earned him multiple CSIRO Awards and a prestigious Eureka Innovation prize. As a trailblazer within CSIRO, he has played a pivotal role in implementing various approaches, including the Lean LaunchPad, Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) framework, and the Australian Vaccine Pipeline, a critical initiative supporting Australia's response to COVID-19.

Beyond his impactful work at CSIRO, Peter serves as an industry advisor to the University of Queensland School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences and Griffith University Department of Business Strategy and Innovation. His mentorship has empowered emerging entrepreneurs, resulting in the creation of new companies and accelerated growth for established entities.

With a keen interest in angel investing, Peter actively contributes to the startup ecosystem by providing strategic guidance and financial support to early-stage ventures. For Peter, the key to societal progress lies in commercializing research innovations, transforming them into tangible processes and products. His profound knowledge and expertise, combined with his role in angel investing, have played a pivotal role in fostering thriving communities, successful businesses, and innovative industries.

Other Interests

Business Model Identification;
Innovation Impact Pathways;
Agile Solutions Development;
Customer Discovery and Validation;
Strategic Solution Sales;
Strategic Solutions Marketing;

Current Roles

  • Director - BDC
    Health and Biosecurity

  • Director - BDC
    Digital Productivity Flagship

  • Research Director
    Agile Manufacturing Technologies

  • Director BDC
    Exploration and Mining

Achievements and Awards

  • 2014

    Science Excellence Medal

  • 2013

    Eureka Innovation Award
    Australian Museum

  • 2013

    iAWARD for R&D

  • 2006

    Deans' Honours
    The University of Queensland

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