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Dr. Jiajun Liu is a Principal Research Scientist and Science Leader for the Distributed Sensing Systems Group. He also leads the Distributed Intelligence team in the group. He received his PhD/BEng from the University of Queensland, Australia, and Nanjing University, China, in 2013 and 2006, respectively. He worked as an Associate Professor in AI with the Renmin University of China before joining CSIRO, and co-founded a start-up that developed AI-driven software systems and solutions for major banks, e-commerce platforms, etc. From 2006 to 2008, he also worked as a Researcher/Software Engineer with IBM China Research/ Development Labs on supercomputing.

His research mainly focuses on Machine Learning and Data Science, in particular Graph Learning, Multimedia Retrieval, and Edge ML. At CSIRO he is looking into how to make sensing systems more intelligent, sustainable and trustworthy with AI, by developing knowledge distillation and neural architecture search methods to enable efficient AI models on edge devices and distributed sensing applications.

He also serves as a reviewer/TPC member/Area Chair for numerous international journals and conferences, such as IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, The VLDB Journal, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, IEEE Transactions on Big Data, Clustering Computing, Ad Hoc Networks, Neurocomputing, Multimedia Systems, ACM Multimedia Conference 14' 21', CIKM 21', PAKDD 17~20', APWeb 16', etc.