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Dr Qinghua Lu

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Dr Qinghua Lu is a principal research scientist at CSIRO's Data61. She is leading the Responsible AI science team and Software Engineering for AI team. She received her PhD from University of New South Wales in 2013. Her recent research interest includes responsible AI, software engineering for AI, software architecture, and blockchain. She has published 150+ papers in premier international journals and conferences. She is an IEEE senior member. Her current research focus is on Responsible AI Engineering, including Responsible AI Pattern Catalogue, Responsible AI Risk Assessment Framework, and Knowledge Graph based Question Answering Tool for Responsible AI Risk Assessment, etc.


Google Scholar profile

Qinghua served as an editor or reviewer for many journals and as PC member for many conferences and workshops.

Here is the list of professional services in the recent 5 years.

  • Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials
  • Member, Australia's National Blockchain Roadmap’s Working Group on Blockchain for Credentials
  • Editorial board member, IEEE Blockchain Technical Briefs
  • Editorial board member, Elsevier, Blockchain: Research and Applications
  • Committee member, Conferences & Events Sub-Committee, IEEE Blockchain Initiative
  • IEEE TEMS Technical Committee on Blockchain
  • Guest editor of IEEE Computer, Special Issue on Software Engineering for Responsible AI, 2022
  • Guest editor of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Special Issue on AI for Manufacturing, 2021
  • Guest editor of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Special Issue on Federated Learning for Industrial IoT in Industry 4.0, 2021
  • Guest editor of IEEE IoT Journal, Special Issue on Blockchain Enabled Edge Computing and Intelligence, 2020
  • Organisation chair, 1st Workshop on Software Engineering for Responsible AI (SE4RAI'22)
  • Early Career Track chair, ICSA 2022
  • PC chair, BPM Blockchain Forum 2022
  • Publicity chair, IEEE Blockchain 2021
  • Poster and demo chair, IEEE ICBC 2021
  • PC chair, DependSys 2020
  • PC member, FSE, ICSA, BPM, SAML, IEEE ICBC, SCF ICBC, BlockSys, BPM Blockchain Forum, ISPA, etc.

Achievements and Awards

  • 2022-2022

    ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award

  • 2021-2025

    Julius Career Award

  • 2020-2020

    Women in Science
    Data61 Software and Computational Systems Program


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