Dr Aditi Mankad

Senior Research Scientist

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Dr. Aditi Mankad is a senior research scientist and Team Leader with the Adaptive Urban & Social Systems Program within CSIRO Land & Water. She leads a team of scientists focused on Agricultural Innovation & Biosecurity, based in Brisbane. Aditi also leads the 'Maximising Impact' Application Domain within the CSIRO Synthetic Biology Future Science Platform, which houses the social and behavioural science capability within the SynBio FSP.

Aditi is trained in psychological science and has core expertise in psychological/behavioural issues around motivation, risk perception and behaviour change. She has worked in several interdisciplinary teams comprising social, economic and biophysical scientists, as well as representatives from Government and Industry.

Her current research portfolio comprises:
* public stakeholder attitudes towards synthetic biology technologies
* public risk perception of biosecurity threats
* attitudes towards pest biocontrol and associated management practices
* behavioural adoption of biosecurity activities and technologies

Aditi also has extensive experience in urban sustainability issues, particularly urban water reuse options, risk perception, attitudes towards sustainability, and water use behaviours. Her previous work as part of the Urban Water Security Research Alliance has involved analysing community responses to acceptance and adoption of alternative water technology (rainwater, greywater, stormwater), to help facilitate sustainable water practices.

Current Roles

  • Team Leader
    Agricultural Innovation & Biosecurity - Adaptive Urban & Social Systems

  • Application Domain Leader - Maximising Impact
    Synthetic Biology Future Science Platform

Academic Qualifications

  • 2002

    Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons)
    University of Queensland

  • 2005

    Master of Science (Sport Psychology)
    Purdue University

  • 2009

    Doctor of Philosophy (Sport, Exercise & Health Psychology)
    The University of Western Australia


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