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Mr Andreas Marouchos

Principal Research Engineer

Contact details:

GPO BOX 1538


Andreas is an engineering leader experienced in strategic planning, managing change, developing multidisciplinary teams and advising executives on how trends in technology will impact science outcomes. He excels at developing a technical vision and building capability to deliver best possible outcomes to clients and stakeholders.

Andreas is an internationally recognised and accredited engineer in the fields of ocean engineering, marine autonomous systems and ocean science planning. His commitment to engineering excellence is reflected in his success in fostering international partnerships with key strategic partners. Andreas brings deep technical expertise in engineering research and development with a track record of diverse and impactful developments.

Andreas is passionate about developing new technologies to grow the frontier of marine science and deliver meaningful outcomes for government, industry, and society.

Current Roles

  • Principle Engineer
    Engineering and Technology Program

  • Chief Scientist
    International Nutrient Inter-comparisson Voyage

  • Research Group Leader
    Engineering and Analytics Group