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Dr Mathieu Mongin

/Senior Research Scientist/

Senior Research Scientist, Oceans & Atmosphere

Contact details:

GPO BOX 1538


Mathieu is a biogeochemical modeler working within the Coastal Environmental Modelling at CSIRO. Mathieu complete his PhD in 2005 at the Oregon State University (Oregon USA), then came to UTAS for a post doc, before joining CSIRO in 2010.

His research interests are centered on BioGeochemical Cycles (BGC) and marine ecosystems in the ocean. Aim to develop original and innovative research to understand biogeochemical biological and physical interactions. Particularly those which affect marine costal environment, including their productivity, carbon export and the response of these processes to external perturbation, climate variability climate change, ocean acidification.

Specific: Development of numerical simulations of Great Barrier Reef (Australia Coral Sea). Those models are designed to address the impacts of flood events on the water quality of the whole Impact of Ocean Acidification on coral reef systems, numerical water circulation model of Heron Island reef (Great Barrier reef, South East Queensland) including full carbon chemistry to asses the reef health in collaboration with a in situ data collection project. Geoengineering project to explore the feasibility of small-scale chemical and biological buffering to mitigate ocean acidification, numerical experiments will simulate the addition of alkalinity and macroalgae communities.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2005

    Oregon State University University of Western Britanny

Other highlights

  • UTAS QMS 512, ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science Winter school, biogeochemical modelling, lecture.

  • 2008: UTAS QMS 912, Ecosystem modelling, lecture and tutorial

  • 2007 UTAS KSA205/305 Introduction to Oceanography, lecture 7 Properties and chemistry of seawater lecture 8 Water masses, tracers, residency times

  • 2007 UTAS Introduction to Oceanography Tutorial 3 2007 Seawater : Mixing and Sinking

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