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Dr Scott Martin

Acting Director - Quantum Technologies Future Science Platform


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Contact details:

PO BOX 218


Current Role - Group Leader - Electromagnetic Systems and Devices
I lead a group, of researchers, engineers and supporting functions across four teams: Space Optics, Functional Nanosystems, Quantum Device Fabrication and Optical and Terahertz Systems. Together the teams are creating benefit to industrial partners in: defence, aerospace, minerals & mining, telecommunications, environment, science infrastructure, and renewable energy amongst others.

Current Role - Senior Manager - Strategic Relationships, Quantum Industry and Technology
The purpose of my role is to address the immediate and expanding needs of quantum technologies across CSIRO and to help secure a strategic position for CSIRO in the emerging quantum industry. I work closely with industry, academic and government partners to identify research-led projects that enable CSIRO to access resources, provide strategic advice to Australia Government on quantum strategy and develop unique research collaborations with universities.

Lifetime citation count: 885
h-index (excluding self-citations): 12

Other Interests

Since 2012 I have served as a non-executive director of the Laboratories Credit Union (LCU) and in 2016 served 3 years as chairman of the board of directors. LCU is a small financial institution with approximately $250M in assets and 3000 members. It was formed by CSIRO staff in 1954 and still provides banking services to many CSIRO staff, alumni and families.

I volunteer with the NSW branch of the Australian Institute of Physics. I coordinate industry engagement for the NSW branch, predominantly through the annual Physics in Industry Days. and zOOm into Physics events

Current Roles

  • Site Leader
    Lindfield SIte

  • Acting Director
    Quantum Technologies Future Science Platform

Academic Qualifications

  • 1988

    BSc (Hons, 1st) in Physics
    University of Exeter, UK

  • 1992

    PhD in Physics
    University of Exeter, UK

  • 2002

    PGDip Management

  • 2011

    Company Directors Course

Professional Experiences

  • 2014-2023

    Group Leader (Manufacturing BU)

  • 2011-2014

    Stream Leader - Medical Devices

  • 2005-2006

    Theme Leader, “Security: Infrastructure and Public Safety”

  • 1997-2000

    Senior Production Manager
    AMBRI Pty Ltd

Achievements and Awards

  • Fellow
    Australian Institute of Physics

  • Graduate

Other highlights

  • 2020-2021

    NSW Chair, Australian Institute of Physics

  • 2020-2020

    CSIRO Medal (Lindfield Collaboration Hub)

  • 2012-2021

    Director of Laboratories Credit Union

  • 2018-2018

    (AIP) NSW Community Outreach to Physics Award

  • 2016-2019

    Chairman of Laboratories Credit Union


  • 2014-2017

    AISRF Grant for tuberculosis diagnosis (AUD2.3M)

  • 2016-2020

    NSW Building Business Innovation Program (AUD1.5M)

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • 2009-2022

    Participant in STEM Professionals in Schools

  • 2011-2023

    First Aider

  • 2014-2023

    Co-coordinator of the CSIRO Alumni Scholarship in Physics

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