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Mr Javier Navarro Garcia

Research Scientist


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Javier is a computer scientist who has built his career as a modeller and data scientist creating solutions for sustainable agriculture. Since joining CSIRO in 2010 Javier has built several spatial products that benchmark Australian agricultural productivity and environmental metrics based on typical management practices. These products have been widely adopted by numerous scientific initiatives including the 2015 and 2019 Australian National Outlook, the Yield Gap Australia platform, and the Food and Land Use Coalition's FABLE Consortium.

Originally a Telecommunications engineer from Barcelona, Spain, Javier's focus is always solving client problems and he enjoys tackling difficult or seemingly intractable data problems. His passion is the development of tools to extract knowledge from complex and sparse datasets, including the use of techniques like Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning, and generating agricultural and environmental knowledge that is useful at various scales from local to national.

Javier is a team leader in the Sustainability Assessment and Metrics team within CSIRO Agriculture and Food, an Equity and Diversity Contact Officer, and a member of the Mentoring NoW network. He is also a leader of the Australian FABLE Country team.

Other Interests

Cooking, Board games, family

Academic Qualifications

  • 2004

    BSc. Telecommunications Engineering
    UPC - Barcelona, Spain

  • 2006

    MSc. Telecommunications Engineering
    UPC - Barcelona, Spain

  • 2009

    MSc. Environmental Management
    Aalborg University - Denmark

  • 2017

    PhD. Geography, Planning and Environmental Management
    The University of Queensland

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