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Mr Javier Navarro Garcia

Research Scientist - Agricultural Systems Analyst


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Javier is an research scientist who joined CSIRO in 2010. Originally a Telecommunications Engineer (Master's degree from UPC in Barcelona, Spain), Javier discovered his passion for environmental matters in 2006 when he joined Denmark's Aalborg University to complete a Master of Science in Environmental Management. During his studies, Javier majored in hardware and software programming and in Life Cycle Assessment.

On arrival to CSIRO Javier had the chance to blend both of his careers into his past and current work, all while perfecting his skills in data acquisition, processing and analysis, and design + implementation of integrated models based on big data. Currently Javier's tools of trade involve primarily Python, R, Access/Microsoft SQL Server, and ArcGIS/QGIS, but he has had experience programming in C and Java and interacting other databases (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL) as part of previous employment.

Javier has recently completed a PhD degree at The University of Queensland. His topic is the analysis of food production (economic and environmental) efficiency, using a purpose-built 30-year timeseries of agricultural production together with a state-of-the-art database of resource use and environmental impacts of agriculture.

Other Interests

Cooking, Board games, family

Academic Qualifications

  • 2004

    BSc. Telecommunications Engineering
    UPC - Barcelona, Spain

  • 2006

    MSc. Telecommunications Engineering
    UPC - Barcelona, Spain

  • 2009

    MSc. Environmental Management
    Aalborg University - Denmark

  • 2017

    PhD. Geography, Planning and Environmental Management
    The University of Queensland


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