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Dr Julian O'Grady

Nearshore Modeller


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Julian's research focus is on extreme sea levels and the impact of climate change on sediment transport in the nearshore zone. His work involves using numerical models to simulate waves, hydrodynamics and sediment transport from coastal waters to the shoreline. He applies statistical analysis to investigate climate drivers and extreme events to estimate the impact damaging storms have on coastlines in Australia and the Pacific, and how this could change into the future through the Canute web tool. Julian is also involved with the team’s wave renewable energy project, analysing Australia’s wave resource and understanding the physical impacts of wave energy conversion farms on the nearshore environment.

Other Interests

Numerical modelling, oceanography, climate science, nearshore extreme water levels, inundation, sediment transport.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2002

    B.Sc Computational Modelling
    Flinders University

  • 2018

    PhD Maritime Engineering
    Swinburne University

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