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Tracey is a project manager for Oceans projects at CSIRO, assisting with a portfolio of multi-agency projects. She oils the wheels, and assists with project delivery by
- facilitating communications to help projects keep on track, and
- helping develop creative solutions to any issues arising.

Tracey works in teams that provide ocean dynamics and wave resource information. This information helps ensure well-informed decision-making on operations, policy and development of Australian ocean-based activities (such as naval operations).

This is Tracey's second stint at CSIRO after working in the algal culture collection early in her career. She has 10 years prior experience as a research scientist at state and local government level. In the past she held positions as a laboratory manager (water quality), a policy research assistant (marine, and mine water quality), and as a workshop facilitator.

Other Interests

Improvised Dance/ Swimming/ Tennis/
Compassionate Communication

Current Roles

  • Project Coordinator
    Bluelink MSA

Academic Qualifications

  • 1985

    B App Sci Hons 1

  • 2015

    Project Management Foundation Level


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