Dr John Roberts

Research Scientist

Contact details:

  • GPO BOX 1700


Dr John Roberts works on pests and diseases of honeybees.

After joining CSIRO at Black Mountain ACT as a postdoctoral fellow in 2010, he is now a research scientist leading the bee pathology research area with projects focused on improving the biosecurity and health of Australia’s managed and wild honeybees.

His recent research has included genetic studies of emerging Varroa and Tropilaelaps mite pests in Papua New Guinea, examining viruses and other pathogens associated with Australian honeybees, including the invasive Asian honeybee population in northern Australia, and analysing the effects of nutritional management on Nosema and virus infections.

His research has been supported by the Honeybee and Pollination R&D of AgriFutures Australia.

Current Roles

  • Project leader
    Reducing the impact of Nosema and viruses by improving honeybee nutrition 2015-2017

  • Project leader
    Australia wide pest and disease survey of honeybee pathogens 2013-2015

  • Project leader
    Establishing the disease status of the invasive Apis cerana population in Cairns, QLD 2012-2013

  • Postdoctoral fellow
    Genetic variation of Varroa jacobsoni and its associated viruses 2010-2013

Academic Qualifications

  • 2005

    Bachelor of Science (Honors)
    University of Melbourne

  • 2010

    PhD (Genetics)
    University of Melbourne


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