Dr Vivien Rolland

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Vivien (Viv) Rolland is a plant microimaging & biotechnology expert with an application-focused mindset, who collaborates across science domains to develop solutions to improve crop value and sustainability. Viv combines three main roles, all gravitating around delivering impact through microimaging and plant biotechnology (Facility manager, Science leader and People leader).

Viv manages the Black Mountain microImaging Centre (BMIC), which provides expertise, training, and state-of-the art microimaging capabilities to 100+ users, to enable impactful scientific discoveries for Agriculture.

Viv's science focuses on developing Synthetic Biology and MicroImaging solutions to improve crop value and sustainability. He is involved in SynBio efforts to engineer natural cotton fibres with new properties to partially replace fossil-fuel based synthetics. Viv is also investigating how recent advances in microimaging, image analysis and artificial intelligence can be used to design new ways to investigate crop performance in the field and deliver impact for breeders, scientists and farmers. Viv co-leads the Object Detection activity of the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence FSP.

Viv leads the Molecular Imaging for Crop Improvement team and his leadership style is centered around creating an inclusive work environment where diverse talents can thrive. He also enthusiastically shares his passion for science through various science outreach initiatives. For example, Viv teaches plant development lectures at the ANU, engages with students of various ages (e.g. Aboriginal ASSETS program and National Youth Science Forum) and communicates his science with the general public via media streams (e.g. ABC radio, see media report on Cotton fibres in the link at the bottom of the page).

Scientific publications:
So far, Viv Rolland has produced 17 scientific publications in high quality international journals with, according to ResearcherID, citations amounting to 488 and a H-factor of 8. Viv has published papers in journals such as The Plant Cell, Plant Physiology, Plant Biotechnology Journal, Current Opinion in Plant Biology, Genome Biology, ISME J, Developmental Cell, Journal of Experimental Botany, Development and Plant Direct. ORCID ID 0000-0002-9232-1287. ResearcherID: O-9126-2015.

For a full list of Viv Rolland's publications, see document attached at the bottom of this page.

Current Roles

  • Co-Leader - MLAI FSP Object Detection Activity
    Object Detection/Feature Extraction - Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Future Science Platform

  • Senior Research Scientist
    Cotton Biotechnology Group

  • Team Leader
    Molecular Imaging for Crop Improvement

  • Leader
    Black Mountain microImaging Centre (BMIC)