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Dr Ilona Stobutzki

/ee-lo-nah sto-bo═Łot-ski/

Pronouns: she,her,hers


Dr Ilona Stobutzki is currently the Science Director and Deputy Director of CSIRO National Collections and Marine Infrastructure (NCMI) Business Unit. We host national facilities and collections that underpin essential research to deliver evidence-based support for biosecurity, conservation and the development of sustainable land and marine management systems. We undertake scientific research based on our collections and facilities and innovative engineering and technology development.

My focus is research for decision-makers, with more than 20 years leading multi-disciplinary research programs in partnership with managers, policy developers, industry and community stakeholders. I have spent most of my career working at the science-policy interface across fisheries, forestry, biosecurity risk assessment and land-use management. I have led policy teams focused on fisheries and threatened species listing and management. I am interested in increasing our ability to deliver science that has an impact and how we communicate to build two-way understanding of what the problems are and how research can contribute.

I have a science background in marine ecology and fisheries science, including data poor fisheries, ecological risk assessment and approaches to assessing fisheries status. However, my science leadership roles have covered broader domains, matching policy needs.

I have worked in South-East Asia throughout my career, including living in Thailand and Malaysia, as well as working in the Southern Indian Ocean and South Pacific. Four years as Australia's Minister Counsellor - Agriculture, ASEAN gave me unique insights into trade negotiations, bilateral and multilateral relationships and the potential of science diplomacy.

I am passionate about a future Australian innovation system where Indigenous science and knowledge systems are valued and interwoven with Western science. This is a personal learning journey, and it is exciting to work within CSIRO at this time.

Academic Qualifications

  • 1997

    PhD, Marine Biology
    James Cook University

  • 1992

    B.SC Honors, First Class
    James Cook University

Current Roles

  • Science Director/ Deputy Director, National Collections & Marine Infrastructure
    Science leadership