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Dr Jodie Van De Kamp

Research Scientist


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Since beginning my research career I have applied molecular biology and metagenomics within a broad range of contexts, from bioprospecting and discovery of novel microorganisms in sub-Antarctic and Antarctic environments to investigating microbe-mineral interactions in geological formations, e.g. cave speleothems and desert varnish, and in 2005 I joined CSIRO as a Molecular Biologist investigating genetic controls for invasive fish species. For the past 10 years my research has been focussed in the marine environment, specifically, the use of metagenomics for the study of microbial ecology and it’s utility for ecological monitoring, particularly in our coastal systems, in relation to anthropogenic impacts and determining long-term trends in ocean health.

Current Roles

  • Marine Microbiome Initiative Facility Leader, Integrated Marine Observing System (2019-)
    Managing the processing and archiving of genomics samples from the IMOS National Reference Station network. These samples provide a crucial spatial and temporal scaffold for the understanding of Australian marine microbiology which in turn underpins long term observations on the status and trends of oceanic health, biogeochemistry and primary productivity. In addition, the eDNA represents a valuable resource suitable for genomic interrogation of a diverse range of taxa at multi-trophic levels providing further insights into biodiversity and marine ecosystem processes.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2004

    Doctor of Philosophy
    University of Tasmania

  • 1997

    BSc Honours, First Class, Genetics 4
    Unviersity of Tasmania

  • 1996

    Bachelor of Science
    University of Tasmania

Professional Experiences

  • 2004-2005

    Postdoctoral Fellow
    Biology Department, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA

  • 2003-2004

    Environmental Health & General Microbiology, Institute of TAFE Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania

  • 2002-2004

    Teaching Assistant/Laboratory Demonstrator
    Microbiology, School of Agricultural Science, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania

  • 2001-2003

    Microbiology, Diagnostic Services Pty. Ltd., Hobart Pathology, Hobart, Tasmania

  • 1998-2001

    Molecular Biologist
    CRC Institute for Antarctic & Southern Ocean Studies & School of Agricultural Science, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania

  • 1997-1998

    Research Assistant
    Population Biology & Ecosystems Dynamics Sub Program of the Tropical & Pelagic Ecosystems Program, CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research, Hobart, Tasmania

  • 1997-1997

    Research Assistant
    Department of Plant Science, University of Tasmania, Hobart Tasmania

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • 2006-2012

    PC2 Genetics Facility Management


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