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Dr Anusuya Willis


Director Australian National Algae Culture Collection


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I am a phycologist, combining molecular biology and physiology of algae. As a senior research scientist in the Australian National Algae Culture Collection (ANACC) my overarching research theme is understanding algal diversity. My expertise encompasses phylogenetics, comparative genomics, physiology and ecology. I have experience with a broad range of algae taxa, and specialised expertise in cyanobacteria.

I envisage research goals to leverage the unique opportunities presented by a living culture collection, and I have developed a research program and dynamic research team engaging students and research scientists that increases the research impact of ANACC. I undertake high-impact, fundamental, original research in ANACC under three themes: 1) Understanding Australia’s Algae; 2) Grow and Improve our Collection; and 3) Apply our Algae to Industry.

ANACC research advances the fields of algae identification, understanding the links between functional genomics, physiology and ecology, environmental adaptation under changing conditions, and diversity within and between species. ANACC's research has impacts in industry through management of harmful algae blooms – in freshwater and aquaculture, the use of algae in the environment, and bioproduct resources. My role in ANACC is to lead high-impact fundamental original research, engage external clients, and create collaborations to further R&D using algae bioresources, aligning with the NCMI impact area of Realising future prosperity through biodiversity and marine resources.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2004

    BSc- Honours
    The University of Melbourne

  • 2009

    The University of Melbourne / Universite de Paris XI

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