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Dr Mike Williams is a research scientist within the CSIRO Environment Industry Environments research program. His research experience involves assessment of the fate and effects of a diverse range of trace organic contaminants, including pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, personal care products, hydraulic fracturing chemicals, perfluorinated chemicals and microplastics, in aquatic and terrestrial environments. He has the ability to integrate assessment of fate and effects to determine the potential ecological impacts of trace organic contaminants. He has extensive experience in the quantification and identification of trace residues of organic contaminants in a range of environmental matrices, including soil and water. Dr Williams has a demonstrated capacity to work and interact with others across a range of disciplinary backgrounds, including environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology, pharmacology, hydrology and analytical chemistry. He is currently involved in projects assessing (1) the fate and ecotoxicity of plastics in terrestrial ecosystems, (2) the assessment of chemicals in food crops from wastewater irrigation and (3) risks of contaminants (such as perfluorinated chemicals, antibiotics and microplastics) associated with solid waste materials, and (4) measurement of microplastics for regulatory assessment in water and solid wastes.