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Dr Zongli Xie is a Research Group Leader and Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO Manufacturing and leading the Materials for Energy, Environment and Health group. Zongli's expertise includes environmental catalysts for industrial emission control and wastewater treatment, membrane materials and process for desalination and industrial wastewater treatment, e.g. the development of nanocomposite membranes for solvent dehydration and recovery, membrane distillation and forward osmosis for desalination and industrial wastewater treatment, membrane process for industrial steam separation and recovery, CO2 and H2 separation membranes. Zongli is well recognized for her scientific research both nationally and internationally. She has author/co-authored over 140 peer-reviewed journal papers (>7600 citation, h-indx 47), 4 patents, 4 invited book chapters and over 30 confidential commercial technical reports to industries. She has been invited to give keynote conference presentations and has been in the organising/scientific committee of number of international conferences (e.g. ICOM, AMS, IMSTEC etc). Zongli has worked on more than 30 research and development projects with Australian and international companies in various aspects of advanced materials development, commercial scale production of materials, catalysis and industrial emission control. The highlight of the achievement includes the commercially scale up of the production of ceramic material for solid oxide fuel cell, and development of the catalytic deodorisation technology and N2O abatement catalysts. Her achievement has led to the CMSE chief’s innovation award (2009), Victoria University Vice-Chancellor’s citation award for excellence in research (2013), CSIRO Julius Career Award (2019), VESKI SidebySide Program participant (2020), MSA collaboration award (2021) and Homeward Bound Global Women Leadership Program participant (2023). She is currently the Vice President of Membrane Society of Australasia (MSA), a board director of Monash Centre for Membrane Innovation. She is also an associate editor of Separation Science and Technology Journal, and an invited editorial board member of Desalination, Scientific reports, Results in Engineering.

Current Roles

  • Principal Research Scientist
    Environmental catalysis and membrane technologies

  • Research Group Leader
    Materials for Energy, Environment and Health

  • Project leader
    Membrane and catalysis for water treatment and energy

  • CSIRO Champion to CAS
    Champion to CAS for the Energy and Nanotechnology theme for the CAS/CSIRO relationship

Professional Experiences

  • 2001-present


Achievements and Awards

  • 2019-2023

    CSIRO Julius Award

  • 2018-2018

    Performance cash award

  • 2017-2017

    CSIRO Manufacturing Monthly Award

  • 2017-2017

    AIM17 Award

  • 2015-2015

    CSIRO merit promotion

  • 2015-2015

    CSIRO-CAS exchange scheme travel grant

  • 2013-2013

    Victoria University Vice-Chancellor’s citation award for excellence in research
    Victoria University

  • 2012-2012

    ANN Asia Nanotech Camp travel grant;
    The Australian Nanotechnology Network

  • 2010-2010

    EU NanoMemCourse travel grant and the best presentation award
    European Commission

  • 2009-2009

    CMSE chief’s innovation award

Other highlights

  • Jul., 2018

    Conference organising committee member for AMS11 conference

  • May, 2017

    Invited plenary speaker at the 2017 ISRC conference

  • Apr., 2017

    Conference organising committee member for the cutting edge science symposium: the Catalysed Energy Storage in Chemicals

  • Feb., 2017

    Conference organising and steering committee member for AIM17 conference

  • Jul., 2016

    Conference session chair, AMS10 conference

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