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Dr Maryam Yazdani, works on IPM methodologies, and biological control. On winning an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship, she moved to Adelaide in 2011 to study for her PhD and has remained in Australia since, lecturing on biosecurity and pest management, and researching Light Brown Apple Moth and citrus gall wasp (University of Adelaide) and Queensland fruit fly (Macquarie University) with a view to improved monitoring and control.
Maryam is an entomologist who's work aims to improve our understanding of insect pest biology and ecology in agricultural systems, towards developing practical, cost effective and environmentally sensitive pest management.
Her passion is to facilitate the transition from “great idea” to commercial product.
Maryam is leading innovative research to harness x-ray and optical scanning technologies and e-DNA techniques to detect pest infestations in fresh produce – either in the packhouse or at the border. Maryam's detailed entomology knowledge and data analysis is also applied to validate the efficacy of various phytosanitary measures to manage fruit fly and moth pests of quarantine concern in horticulture crops

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