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Bronwyn completed a PhD at Macquarie University in 2022 on microbiology and organic geochemistry, where she was researching the transformation of coal to methane by the subsurface coal seam microbiome. During her PhD and Master of Research, she completed a broad range of interdisciplinary work spanning fields such as microbial ecology, molecular biology, bioinformatics, biogeochemistry, organic geochemistry, sedimentology, and geology.

She is now working on developing plastic-munching microbiomes for biorecycling, and is applying her existing skills in new ways to characterise microbial community interactions with complex organic matter.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2022

    Doctor of Philosophy (Microbiology and Organic Geochemistry)
    CSIRO & Macquarie University (joint arrangement)

  • 2017

    Master of Research (Organic Geochemistry)
    Macquarie University

  • 2015

    Bachelor of Science (Majors: Geology & Environmental Geology)
    Macquarie University