Dr Francisco Encinas-Viso

Research Scientist

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Francisco did his Undergraduate studies in Biological sciences (major in Ecology) at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. He then obtained a Top Master in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Groningen (NL) and finally completed a PhD in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Groningen.

His PhD thesis studied the ecology and evolution of plant-animal mutualistic networks with mathematical and simulation modeling, as well as data analysis. His expertise covers different areas population genetics, community ecology, theoretical ecology, network theory, multivariate statitistics and evolutionary biology.

After graduating, Francisco started a CSIRO OCE Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Centre of Australian National Biodiversity Research with Andrew Young (NRCA) and John Pannell (University of Lausanne) studying the evolution of plant mating systems of invasive species (e.g. wild radish).

Since 2016, Francisco is a research scientist part of the Australian National Herbarium and Centre of Australian National Biodiversity Research at CSIRO. His main research areas are: eco-evolutionary modeling, pollination ecology, conservation genetics, spatial ecology and theoretical ecology. Francisco is very involved in the development of software tools for conservation ecology and biodiversity research.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2005

    Bachelor Biological Sciences
    Univ. Central de Venezuela

  • 2008

    Master in Evolutionary Biology
    University of Groningen

  • 2013

    PhD Ecology and Evolution
    University of Groningen

Achievements and Awards

  • 2006-2008

    Top Master Scholarship
    University of Groningen


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