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Dr. Rudy Kloser is a senior principal research scientist and leader of the acoustics and pelagic ecosystem characterisation team within the ecosystem characterisation group and marine resources and industry program at the CSIRO’s Oceans and Atmosphere, Hobart, Australia. The team provides scientific advice about the structure, function and dynamics of pelagic ecosystems in light of climate change, variability and human use. Rudy’s specific research area is investigating reflected and ambient acoustic signals in the ocean with associated optical and physical sampling to make ecological inferences about the water column and the seabed, and more broadly to learn about ecosystem function and dynamics. A recent research area is the development of bio-acoustic methods for local and basin scale characterisation of macro zooplanktonic and micronektonic communities using ships of opportunity including fishing and research vessels ( Current research is focused on utilisation of this information into ecological models and indicators as well as the development of acoustic, optical and capture methods.