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Dr Yuwan Malakar

Research Scientist


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Dr Yuwan Malakar is a research scientist based in Brisbane, Queensland. Dr Malakar's research focuses on the risk governance of future technologies. He applies sociological theories to understand risk behaviours, perceptions, and practices, and how risks associated with these technologies can be assessed, managed, and communicated. His particular interest is in examining unquantifiable risks, their systemic presence, and measures to mitigate them by applying a systems perspective. Dr Malakar does multi-disciplinary research and collaborates with scientists from health, environment, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors.

Dr Malakar is currently working on the Climate Services for Agriculture (CSA) project, funded by DAFF. His research investigates climate risks and addressing those risks by integrating climate services into farm decisions. In another project, he is developing a causal network approach to consolidate social and environmental impact assessments, particularly looking at large-scale hydrogen production in Australia.

Dr Malakar obtained his PhD in Energy Policy at the University of Queensland. He has previously implemented projects related to climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and livelihood improvement in South Asia.

Other Interests

Dr Yuwan Malakar is also interested in open science, and he strives to make his research methods open for public access.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2019

    Doctor of Philosophy
    The University of Queensland

Achievements and Awards

  • 2019-2019

    Outstanding Reviewer Award
    Energy Research and Social Science

  • 2019-2019

    2019 Dean's Award for Outstanding Higher Degree by Research Theses
    The University of Queensland

Current Roles

  • Research Scientist
    CSIRO Environment

Professional Experiences

  • 2019-2020

    Editorial Board Member
    Energy Research and Social Science

  • 2018-2019

    Research Assistant
    Centre for Policy Futures, The University of Queensland

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