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Dr Claire Naughtin

Team Leader


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Dr Claire Naughtin is a Principal Research Consultant at CSIRO’s Data61, specialising in data-driven strategic foresight. She leads the Digital Futures team (part of Humans and Machines Group), which combines future-focused and design-led approaches to help organisations identify and leverage digital and data technology opportunities. Claire is experienced in leading strategic research and consulting projects for government and industry clients, covering topics such as the future of healthcare, employment, digital technologies, trade, emerging industries, youth wellbeing, transport and intellectual property.

In her most recent work, Claire co-led the delivery of CSIRO's once-in-a-decade global megatrends report, Our Future World. This work identified seven emerging megatrends that are set to change the way we live over the coming decades, bringing together insights from a rigorous analysis of emerging trends and insights from consultations with internal and external experts and stakeholders across government, industry and academia. This work has reached a global audience of more than 20 million people and featured in over 385 media reports since its launch. Claire was invited to present this work as part of a dedicated megatrends session at the Australian Government's Jobs + Skills Summit in September 2022, which was attended by the Prime Minister, senior ministers, State and Territory Premiers and industry leaders.

In her time at CSIRO, Claire has also led the delivery of a key strategic foresight program of work with the Queensland Government called Q-Foresight program. This program was part of a multi-year Strategic Partnership Agreement between Data61 and Queensland Government and was designed to help Queensland’s government, industry and community decision-makers make informed choices. It included projects on the future of Queensland's transport and healthcare systems, the public sector workforce and emerging knowledge-intensive industries.

Claire has a PhD in psychology from The University of Queensland and her research background covers various aspects of human cognition, behavioural psychology and neuroscience. Claire is passionate about bridging the gap between research and real-world application and using data to help people make informed evidence-based decisions. She is regularly invited to present on her research and consulting work at national and international forums.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2015

    The University of Queensland

  • 2011

    Bachelor of Psychological Science
    The University of Queensland