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Andrew completed his Ph.D. in the Physical Chemistry Dept. at the University of Melbourne where he applied ultra-fast laser spectroscopic techniques to elucidate mechanistic details of the extremely efficient energy dissipation in a variety of UV-absorbing stabilisers developed for natural and synthetic polymers.

As a recipient of Research Fellowships from JSPS (Japan), EPSRC (UK), and ICI-Dulux (Aust.) he continued his research in various photo-science fields at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, Imperial College London & Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK), and the University of Melbourne.

At CSIRO, Andrew has led large, diverse teams working on major R&D projects with industrial and academic partners on the development and commercialisation of advanced polymeric active-packaging materials utilising photo-chemical and optical phenomena, bio-polymer composites, optical features for product security, and optoelectronic devices.

His current research includes characterisation of the photophysics and optoelectronics of next-generation printed solar cells, device encapsulation, and printed solar cell durability for terrestrial and space applications.

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