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Mr David Spadaro

Science communicator and experimental scientist


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David Spadaro is currently working as a Science Communicator and Project Manager for the Microbiomes for One System Health (MOSH) future science platform. There he connects with MOSH researchers to communicate their research through external avenues such the website.

He also works as an Experimental Scientist in the Ecotoxicology Team in CSIRO Land and Water, Sydney. His major role within the team is to manage the sediment ecotoxicology and microbiology/radiological laboratories, as well as assisting in aquatic ecotoxicology and chemistry projects.

David’s research has focused on further developing and optimising the current toxicity test and risk assessment methods and further building on the understanding of the relationship between speciation, bioavailability and toxicity in a number of environmental scenarios within sediments, groundwaters and marine and freshwater ecosystems.

Other Interests

Other research interests and capabilities include:
- Scientific communications to engage broader audiences.
- Genomic changes in communities or individuals as a response to contaminants in the sediment.
- Targeted microbiome interventions to benefit our food, health and environment
- Ecotoxicological and chemistry studies for the assessment of sediments and groundwaters for the mining, port and aquaculture industries.
- Mechanisms of toxicity to benthic invertebrates (copepods and amphipods) in sediments.
- Development of guideline values for contaminants for the protection of benthic communities and stygofauna.
- Speciation, bioavailability and toxicity of metals in sediments.
- Radiological safety in the laboratory

Current Roles

  • Communications and project manager
    Microbiomes for one system health future science platform

  • Laboratory manager and ecotoxicologist
    Sediment and aquatic ecotoxicology and chemistry

Academic Qualifications

  • 2004

    BSc (Environmental Biology)
    University of Technology Sydney

Professional Experiences

  • 2004-current

    Experimental Scientist
    CSIRO Land and Water

  • 2002-2003

    Industrial trainee
    CSIRO Energy Technology

Achievements and Awards

  • 2005

    Ming Lueng
    CSIRO Energy Technology

  • 2017

    Technical research staff award
    Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Australasia

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • 2015-present

    Radiation Safety Officer

  • 2022-present

    Health and Safety Representative

  • 2017-present

    Safety Committee

  • 2012-present

    First Aid

  • 2022-present

    Mental health first aid officer

  • 2012-present

    Equal opportunities officer

  • 2013-present

    Health and wellbeing officer

  • 2008-present

    Building Warden