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Dr Aarti Tobin is currently the Animal Protein Work Package leader in the Future Protein Mission, the Focus Area Leader for the “Consumer Segments” in the Food Program and Research Team Leader for Food Materials Team, based at Coopers Plains in Brisbane and , based in Coopers Plains in Brisbane. Aarti has a degree in Food Technology from Massey University in New Zealand and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Queensland in the area of texture and rheology of texture modified foods for dysphagia (swallowing disorders) sufferers.

Aarti is the most senior meat scientist with food technology expertise and over 30 years of experience conducting translational research for the food industry. She has extensive experience in product development and has developed commercially successful value-added meat products for local and export markets, both in Australia and in New Zealand. Aarti has developed research expertise in low-fat, low energy, low salt processed meat products, edible coatings, high pressure processing to improve functionality of whole tissue and comminuted meat products, improving colour of dark cutting meat and developing meat products suitable for people suffering from dysphagia. The focus of Aarti’s research has been on adding value to lower value cuts and primals by developing understanding and knowledge on how microstructure of the muscle or the meat product impacts on its functionality e.g. colour, texture, cook loss, sensory perception, oral breakdown and digestive behaviour. More recently, she has used her meat research expertise to develop plant-protein based meat products to support fast innovation in animal-free protein products.

As the Focus Area Leader for Consumer Segments, Aarti manages a portfolio of strategic and commercial projects aligned to the focus area; and is responsible for developing the strategy and impact pathways for the focus area. In this role Aarti supports project leaders to deliver on project milestones in timely delivery and assists with follow-on or new projects that are aligned to the impact strategy for the Food Program and A&F BU impact areas.

In her role as the Work package leader for Animal Proteins in the Future Protein Mission, Aarti supports the Protein Mission lead, to protect and grow Australia’s traditional high value protein industries of livestock and aquaculture, with sustainability as a driver, novel healthy feeds and premium protein foods for export markets.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2014

    University of Queensland

  • 1988

    B Food Tech (Honours)
    Massey University

  • 1988

    B Food Tech (Honours)
    Massey University, New Zealand

Professional Experiences

  • 1994-Present

    Research Scientist and Team Leader

  • 1994-now

    Research Scientist, Team Leader, Focus Area Leader, Work package Leader

  • 1991-1994

    Food Technologist and Product Manager
    Meat Industry Research Institute of New Zealand (now known as AgResearch)

  • 1988-1991

    Product Development Officer
    Huttons Kiwi Ltd, New Zealand

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