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Prof Didar Zowghi

Senior Principal Research Scientist, Science Team Leader


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Dr Didar Zowghi is a Professor of Software Engineering and as Senior Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO's Data61 she leads a research team in "Diversity and Inclusion in AI" and "Requirements Engineering for Responsible AI". She is also Emeritus Professor at University and Technology Sydney (UTS), and Conjoint Professor at the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

She joined Data61 in January 2022 after working in Academia for 20+ years. She has held many leadership positions at UTS: Deputy Dean of Graduate Research School, Director of the research centre for Human-Centred Technology Design, Director of Women in Engineering and IT, and Associate Dean. Before joining academia, she worked in the software industry in the UK and Australia as a programmer, software engineer, analyst, consultant, and project manager.

Her academic research was focused on improving software development processes and products. In particular, she has focused on communication-rich, multidisciplinary activities of software development, referred to as Requirements Engineering (RE). She is an expert in "Evidence-based" and “Human human-centred design” research paradigms as well as Socio-technical aspects of software development. She has supervised many research students to completion of PhD and MSc in Australia and internationally.

Prof Zowghi serves on the program committee of many national and international conferences including the IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering (since 1998). She was its General Chair in 2010, Program Chair in 2015, Steering Committee Chair (2016-2018), and received Lifetime Service Award in 2019 by IEEE for her leadership in this research community. She is Associate Editor of IEEE Software and the Requirements Engineering Journal. In 2022, she was the recipient of the IEEE Computer Society's TCSE Distinguished Educator award. She has published over 230 research articles in prestigious conferences and journals and has co-authored papers with 90+ researchers from 30+ countries.

Other Interests

Professor Zowghi has a great passion for diversity and inclusion and is an advocate for gender and racial equality in the workplace. She is well known in academia for her mentoring many students and academic staff in their aspirations for career progression and decision-making in Australia and Internationally.

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