Dr Ed Charmley

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Ed comes from a farming background in the UK and received his Bachelors from Aberdeen University and a PhD from The Grassland Research Institute near Reading. After immigrating to Canada he specialized in forage utilization from both grazed and conserved herbage. His particular interests lay in optimizing forage use in the diet with animal performance and beef quality. For the last 10 years, Ed has worked for CSIRO in northern Australia where he has focused on beef production in extensive, sub-tropical rangelands and savannas. He is based in Townsville. His current research activities lie in the use of technology to record hard to measure animal and environmental variables in the field, understanding livestock methane emissions from extensive grazing systems and improving the feed efficiency of ruminants. He has published widely in the scientific and farming press and manages a broad portfolio of livestock research within the CSIRO Agriculture and Food business unit.

Other Interests

2015 to present - Group leader Welfare and Ruminant Efficiency.
Based in Townsville in tropical north Queensland
Research interests: Feed efficiency in extensive grazing systems, livestock methane abatement, IT solutions for the beef industry.

Current Roles

  • Group Leader, Sustainable Livestock Systems, Agriculture and Food
    Research and middle management

Academic Qualifications

  • 1980


  • 1986


Professional Experiences

  • 2008-Present

    Principal Research Scientist