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Ms Mibu Fischer

Marine Ethnoecologist


Mibu is an early career marine ethnoecologist within the multi-use ecosystems tropical coastal group, in CSIROs Oceans & Atmosphere, in Brisbane. She is an Aboriginal scientist with engagement skills for strengthening partnerships between First Nations communities and the research sector. Her specific interests are around Traditional Knowledge (science) and management practices being considered within modern day fisheries, coastal and conservation management. She joins with other Indigenous and Traditional practitioners to strengthen the global indigenous voice and leadership in areas of marine research and coastal indigenous livelihoods. Her goal is to bridge a gap that draws attention to the indigenous communities facing the frontline of impacts and changes to coastlines, ecosystems and livelihoods from climate change impacts.

Current Roles

  • Marine Ethnoecologist
    Linking Indigenous Science with Western Science

Academic Qualifications

  • 2011

    Bachelor of Marine Science and Management
    Southern Cross University

  • 2017

    Graduate Certificate in Natural Resource Management
    Charles Sturt University

Professional Experiences

  • 2018-2011


  • 2011-2013

    Lab Technician (Aquaculture)

  • 2013-2014

    Intern (Tropical Coastal Group)

  • 2014-Current

    Research Projects Officer

  • 2020-Current

    Experimental Scientist (Marine Ethnoecologist)

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • 2015-2018

    Visiting Scientist with Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre

  • 2020-2020

    Mentor, Young Indigenous Womens STEM Academy, Cairns Cohort

  • 2021-Current

    PhD Advisory Committee Member for Mercedes McLean (UQ)

  • 2020-Ongoing

    O&A Facilitators Community of Practice (Organising Group)